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There is a need in our community.

The problem.

The Problem

We Need More Affordable Housing 

While the Region of Waterloo has committed to adding more than 600 new units of affordable housing over the next 10 years, there are already some 4,600 people on the waiting list. The wait can take years — so long that many people don’t even bother to register.

It’s a huge problem that affects people of all ages:

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Over 72,000 people live in poverty, including many young families and seniors.

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Government pensions have not increased at the same rate as rent and utilities. Many seniors spend more than 50% of their income on housing and must turn to food banks to survive.

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Many young people have difficulty finding full-time employment above minimum wage and can’t afford adequate accommodation as a result.

How we help.

Heartwood Place is committed to building more affordable housing as well as provide support, networking, intervention and advocacy for our tenants.  


At Heartwood Place we believe that communities of hope will emerge as we continue to commit to creating a positive environment for all of the individuals and families we help.  


While creating new, affordable apartments is our primary objective, it’s not the only one. We are also proud to contribute to the renaissance of our downtown areas in Kitchener and Cambridge and we will continue to invest in further improvements in our region for years to come.

How we help

Our Beginnings.

Heartwood Place is a registered charity, founded in 2001 by a group of volunteers who saw the desperate need for more affordable housing in the Region of Waterloo. 


Our buildings are home to a wide range of people, including the working poor, refugees, people with disabilities, single parents, and the elderly. While we provide the bricks and mortar, we rely on individuals, families, and communities to help us reach our goal of affordable, adequate housing for everyone. We have wonderful stories of success that demonstrate how having a place to call home is the foundation for better health, personal improvement, and positive lifestyle changes — all of which contribute to a vibrant, healthy community.

Our Beginning
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What's next?

Continue to provide safe, affordable and adequate housing to the community.

Raise funds from the community and government to renovate and expand our King Street building.

Expand the number of affordable units available in the community by building 200 more units by 2030.

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Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Get in contact to see how we can help

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