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Ready to Make a Difference?

Volunteer with us.

Without the generous gift of time from our board members, event staff and office support, we would never have been able to create the communities we are so proud of today. We are always looking for new people to help us achieve our goal of safe, affordable, and adequate housing for everyone.

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Open Positions
  • Board Member

Volunteer with us

Why do we need your help?

We are seeking new board members to help further our mission of providing safe and affordable housing in the Region of Waterloo. With properties in Cambridge and Kitchener, we currently serve over 100 families and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As we embark on a new redevelopment project in Cambridge, we're seeking professionals with expertise in legal, finance, construction, and technology to join our board. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings in Kitchener and contribute to organizational governance, fundraising campaigns, and strategic planning. At Heartwood Place, we value diversity and strive to build a strong and supportive community.

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